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We syndicate and broadcast your ad to dozens of sites via RSS feeds

List it with us, and your ad posts to twitter, facebook, myspace, google buzz, aviation blogs, and other aviation classifieds sites to help list it on major search engines.

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We have partnered with and will list your ad on their site with a free 90 day photo ad. Aviation Classifieds gets over 75,000 visitors a month and is #1 on google for Aviation Classifieds! Your FREE ad will also syndicatate to, the powerful aircraft search engine that lists over 27,000 aircraft for sale from dozens of aircraft for sale venues.
  Free? Yes. List your aircraft for sale or aviation classified here and you get a free 90-day photo ad on and we will also market it on, social networks, syndicate it via rss feeds, and post it to dozens of aviation sites and blogs so it lists on search engines more quickly. After submission, you have the opportunity to purchase an upgraded ad which includes mass email marketing, but there is absolutely no obligation to do so.  
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